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Nuala O Rourke

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Hello everyone,
My name is Nuala O'Rourke and I am based in Dublin where I specialise in Craniosacral Therapy - and also practice as a reflexologist and Swedish masseuse.

As one of my most gifted mentors so aptly put it "craniosacral therapy is like yoga from the inside" - these are Sannovasser's words not mine but I do really think that this really sums up the craniosacral therapy so well.
What I love about Craniosacral Therapy is that it treats the whole body. My patients range from one week old twins to teenagers right through to people in their eighties. I have and continue to find this amazing therapy so fascinating as one learns from the patients and clients that come so it is a two-way system. I also am working as an energy cone therapist.
The beauty of craniosacral work is that one is working with the nervous system. When cerebral spinal fluid is released correctly through working on the spinal cord (which is attached at the sacrum and the again at the vertebrae in the neck) the effect enhances other systems in the body such as the immune system, the kidneys the multiskeletal, the blood vascular system and the lymphatic and respiratory systems. 
It also may have an emotional somatic release on some shock or latent trauma in the body. It can help with viral and even in cancer cases.

I have found CST to be especially helpful with babies who may have had a difficult birth and could be suffering from conditions such as torticollis or colic.

It has been excellent in assisting with sinusitis and tinnitus often when used in conjunction with reflexology.

Craniosacral therapy is also most helpful when mothers are expecting - particularly with the first baby it helps to ease any anxieties or fears that they may have.

The other lovely thing about CST is that the patient is in charge - here we the therapists are just the helpers, the facilitators.

One can use this therapy on horses and dogs in fact I truly believe that it is most suitable for all living creatures.

I do hope that this little summary of the wonders of Craniosacral Therapy - and my own experience - will encourage you to have a session. Personally I am a real believer and am so glad that I have had the joy of receiving and giving and learning from DR. John Upledger. 


St Anthonys
93 Woodley Park
Dublin 14



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